ETCADA Is Hiring!

LCDC COUNSELOR ETCADA is a Local, non-profit that seeks compassionate, dependable individual for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor position to provide screenings, assessments and referrals to individuals for potential substance use disorders and will be located in the Tyler area. Individual must have a professional license for this position as LCDC, LPC, LMSW, LCSW or QCC in good standing in the State of Texas. EOE email resume to: or call 903-753-7633

5 Myths About Relapse

  Posted on June 29, 2015 By Shelby Hendrix In Relapse Prevention Misconceptions can be persistent and pervasive. In complicated topics and situations, communication often becomes a game of schoolyard telephone where the final product is garbled. Addiction and relapse are two such complicated topics that are marred by myths. Unfortunately, myths about relapse can be dangerous and prohibitive. Here are 5 relapse myths that we need to dispel right away:  1. Relapse is a single event. Contrary to popular belief, relapse is a process not always a single event. During that process, there are often warning signs in the recovering person’s attitude and behavior. A relapse begins long before a person actually returns to drinking. A recovering person will usually start thinking and behaving […]

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Interested in Joining the ETCADA team? We are hiring!

PREVENTION If you love working with youth this is a position you will find professionally satisfying. Our substance abuse prevention team needs a strong individual with a Bachelor’s degree that has the ability to speak with ease in public and has excellent organizational skills. Successful candidate will have a clean driving record and ability to pass drug screen and background check. We need you to be a part of our TEAM so send your resume to ETCADA Prevention:   COALITION ETCADA is seeking a Community Coalition Coordinator for Harrison County to coordinate public relations, conduct presentations to identified populations, recruit, train and utilize Coalition volunteers to assist in coalition evidence-based environmental strategies.  Excellent public speaking skills, oral/written […]

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Addiction in seniors: ‘It’s at epidemic levels’

August 6, 2015 by Megan Combs, Associate Editor, Behavioral Healthcare There are only three known addiction programs specifically for seniors in the United States, said John Dyben, director of older adult treatment at the Hanley Center at Origins in West Palm Beach, Fla. And this is a huge problem.   Dyben, who works at one of the three treatment centers, delivered his presentation on older adults on Tuesday at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) in St. Louis.  "Substance use and alcohol addiction is not just something that happens in older adults," Dyben warned. "It's common and it's at epidemic levels."  Studies have shown that older adults (in this presentation, those aged 65 to 79) are using drugs and alcohol and it's […]

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Study: Online Support Groups Not as Effective as Face-to-Face Meetings for Sobriety

By Join Together Staff August 11th, 2015 Online support groups are not as effective as face-to-face meetings in helping people stay sober, a new study concludes. Participants said they were less likely to be dishonest in face-to-face meetings, according to HealthDay.  Because a commitment to honesty is a major part of 12-step recovery programs, being dishonest could get in the way of recovery, according to the researchers. The study included 141 women and 55 men who used both online and face-to-face support groups. More than 90 percent had been in recovery for more than a year, the article notes. People who attended more in-person meetings were more likely to achieve and maintain sobriety, compared with those who used online support groups more often, the researchers reported at […]

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