Women's Support Group:

This is a free, confidential support group for women affected by alcohol and other substance abuse. Helping women heal from the impact of addiction in their families. Women participating in this group learn about the effects of substance abuse disorders within their families, identify core family issues and helpful ways to address them, differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, sort out thoughts and feelings and become informed about available resources.

The group gain strategies to relieve stress and the ability to move past shame and blame. As well as develop skills necessary to live peaceful and purposeful lives, steps to create a clear path to success, develop more satisfying relationships and the capability to look at problems in a different light, hope and confidence.

The group meets every Thursday evening fron 5:30-6:30pm in the Fain Williams Room at ETCADA/

Recovery 101:

A free weekly support and educational program for individuals on waitlist for substance use disorder treatment services. Individuals participating in this program learn about:

  • Stages of Change, Addictive Cycle
  • Relapse Prevention, Signs and Symptoms
  • Relapse Triggers, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions
  • Visualize Relapse
  • Tree of Addiction, Tree of Nurture
  • TA, Form of Communication form Adult, Parent, Child
  • Eleven Forms of Self Defeating Thoughts, In Between Handout
  • Motivation, Empowerment to Change
  • Community Resources

Brief motivational interviewing counseling is available as needed. Due to inconsistent demand this group’s times and locations vary.  Talk with the screening counselor for specific times and locations.