Education / Prevention

School Based Prevention Programs:

Using research-based curricula determined model or exemplary by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), trained ETCADA staff facilitate 6 -10 week drug prevention programs designed to reduce the onset of the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by youth. Teachers, Counselors and Administrators within our 23 counties can contact our office to arrange cost-free sessions for their school at no charge.  

Youth Prevention Universal (YPU):

The YPU program aims to influence all groups through evidenced based curricula to provide prevention education and skills training.

Youth Prevention Selected (YPS):

The YPS program serves groups at greater risk of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, utilizing evidence-based curricula to strengthen protective factors and deal effectively with risk factors in the lives of youth.

Youth Prevention Indicated (YPI):

The YPI program benefits those who are already showing signs of drug involvement or related risk factors, utilizing evidenced base curricula to strengthen protective factors and deal effectively with risk factors in the lives of youth. Family members may also be involved in these services. The program also provides crisis intervention services to participants and their families to intervene in situations which may or may not involve alcohol or drug use but may escalate if immediate attention is not provided.  

Prevention Resource Center (PRC):

ETCADA hosts the PRC for Region 4 in Northeast Texas. Under the new HHSC funding requirements beginning in FY13-14, the PRC4 serves as the regional data collection and distribution entity engaged in assessing substance abuse risk and protective factors for the region. This involves seeking our data sources and trends in our local communities and working with the other PRC regions and DSHS to produce ongoing assessments of prevention needs. We also conduct public education about data collection and trends and our team is available as speakers for events and community health fairs, etc., and we also coordinate prevention and other trainings for the region. Our team of professionals also conducts tobacco compliance checks and educates merchants that sell tobacco to ensure they do not sell to minors and to confirm merchant display alerting the public about Texas tobacco laws. This information is always available on our website at

Community Coalitions:

Our team of professionals work collaboratively  with concerned and dedicated  members of our local communities to create safe, healthy, drug-free communities. Prevention strategies are utilized to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among young people. Coalition networks provide linkages to social services. Our groups meet regularly and engage in activities that foster the development of health choices and drug resistant kids. You will see us at local health fairs, schools and where ever  the community gathers for events.  

We conduct training on leadership and involvement in your community to eliminate illicit drug use. Our members have the opportunity to attend out of town trainings given by the state for youth to help them build the skills needed to lead their peers away from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Investing in and building a generation of drug free youth who will some day lead our communities is vital. Become a member, get involved and make a difference in your community. We are here to help you achieve a drug-free environment for your youth.