DWI Intervention, Outreach, Screening, Referral, and Assessment (OSAR) Program, and Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) evaluation

A mandated, comprehensive program designed for individuals who commit repeat DWI offenses. SASSI screenings and assessments also offered for court compliances.

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Choices & Consequences of Substance Abuse Education Class

A 2-week, curriculum-based program designed to help the alcohol/drug abuser understand the disease of addiciton. Provided monthly.

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Minors in Possession of Alcohol

Court ordered classes provided for minors who are found to be in possession of alcohol. MIP provides accurate information to young people about the consequences (physical, emotional, social, and legal) of underage drinking.

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Project 180

Youth Prevention Indicated activities offer constructive methods designed to interrupt the onset or progression of substance use in the early stages by identifying individuals who are experiencing early signs of substance use and other related problem behaviors associated with substance use and targeting them with special curriculum and related prevention strategies.

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Women's Group

This is a free, confidential support group for women affected by alcohol and other substance abuse. Helping women heal from the impact of addiction in their families. Women participating in this group learn about the effects of substance abuse disorders within their families, identify core family issues and helpful ways to address them, differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, sort out thoughts and feelings and become informed about available resources.

The group gain strategies to relieve stress and the ability to move past shame and blame. As well as develop skills necessary to live peaceful and purposeful lives, steps to create a clear path to success, develop more satisfying relationships and the capability to look at problems in a different light, hope and confidence.  

Classes meet Thursday evening from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. at the Burgess Recovery Center.

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(Schedules updated 6/3/2015)